Pedorthic Services

Shippy Shoes was started by Frank Shippy in 1914 and for nearly 100 years we have been dedicated to the central Wisconsin area. Shippy Shoes works closely with doctors and physical therapists providing foot care solutions to help meet the needs of their patients. Jim Shippy, current owner and grandson of Frank Shippy, is devoted to providing the best foot care for our customers. Jim can create custom prescribed orthotics and provide you with an orthotic compatible shoe as the wrong shoe can sub-optimize an otherwise perfect orthotic. We also provide prescribed shoe modifications such as medial/lateral flare and heel or sole buildup to accommodate leg length discrepancy.

Today, Shippy Shoes has three board certified pedorthists who can help even if you don't need or want a custom made orthotic. Our pedorthist will provide a consultation and gait analysis to determine your foot type. The correct footwear and/or insert will be recommended to meet your personal needs. We stock many over the counter inserts from several companies such as New Balance, Vionic with Orthaheel Technology, Super Feet, and Aetrex. These prefabricated inserts provide different levels of correction to accomodate your individual foot. They may provide relief for various ailments such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuromas, knee hip and back pain.

Athletic shoes have become more technical than they were in the past. They are designed to accommodate or control motion in several specific foot types. Various density levels and last shapes are utilized to achieve proper gait alignment. The improper shoe for your foot type can complicate healing or even cause a new problem. In addition to providing the right shoe and fit, we stock toe straighteners, toe caps, metatarsal pads, heel wedges, met bars, and lifts. Stop in. Try out your options from our extensive inventory and feel the difference!